AirEnd Overhaul Specialists

AirEnergy Ltd, with depots in Germany, Turkey, Belarus, England & Ireland, provides expertise in OIL-FREE and OIL-FLOODED AirEnd overhauls & repairs.

AirEnd overhaul procedures enables customers to optimize the running hours of a compressor’s Air-End, increasing the longevity of the unit instead of worrying about new CapEx investment. It is cost affective.

Most importantly, with oil-free compressor airend overhauls, this prevents seizure of screw elements which will save the compressor from complete failure i.e. repairs would cost more than a new oil-free compressor.

The efficiency aspect of Air-End overhauls is also important because as bearings drop, screw element offset, volume capacity drops. Therefore kW/cfm or kW per m3/min (efficiency) is poor i.e. more kilowatts per volume. AirEnergy return the compressor airend to complete maximum volume at the correct Total Package Input Power.

On completion of the airend overhaul repair, after re-installation and testing, AirEnergy provides a full report with detailed pictures of the full procedure, with flowmeter reads illustrating the full volume produced.

Note: AirEnergy offer loan compressors during overhaul procedure periods and AirEnergy can complete airend overhauls at the customers site, if required.

Removing of AirEnd for overhaul procedure
Removing of AirEnd for overhaul procedure

Splitting of AirEnd for bearing replacement
Splitting of AirEnd for bearing replacement

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